Brighton Best

A delicious saviour waded into Brighton’s ale scene on Thursday in the form of Brighton Best, a new beer brewed by WJ King. Critically acclaimed and enthusiastically quaffed at its launch party last night, it is now available in about forty pubs around the city.

Brighton Best is a “great drink for Brighton people wo care where their food comes from”, according to Nigel Lambe. Indeed, it is brewed in Horsham, just up the road, and was brewed specifically for the Brighton market. Brighton Best is an enjoyably well balanced ale, with a complex finish and refreshing mouthfeel. Ian from the Earth and Stars reckons it has hints of apricot. At 4% it is not overwhelmingly strong, so will nestle nicely amongst the beer pumps of Brighton and Hove, and it is supposed to be straightforward to look after.

At the moment, the brewery is at capacity in terms of Brighton Best production. It is their first new beer since the reshuffle and incorporates a complicated combination of Progress, Goldings and Fuggles hops. Steve Burgess says “it is sold in Brighton, designed for Brighton, and built to be a session beer.” I’m sure there are plenty of Brightonians ready to prove this statement correct.

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