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First impressions

The i hit the news stands for the first time today, admid a flurry of speculation and the disgruntled rustling of style guides. Nobody is really sure how to print or even say the name of The Independent‘s new slimmer, cheaper … Continue reading

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How can it be so cold in here.

At the moment, in Brighton, the temperature is minus two degrees celsius. Coldy-cold, I’m reliably told, is how cold it’s been today. I am acutely aware of how cold it is at this very moment for a couple of reasons. … Continue reading

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While the pie itself was disappointing and unhealthy, the cardboard sleeve looks set to provide me with many days of use as a handy and stylish folder. Don’t have a briefcase? Buy a readymeal! Talk about convenience food!

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ASDA Cumberland Pie – Meal for One

Asda Hollingbury has a delicatessen counter. At the deli counter, they offer low-grade chicken cooked in a variety of sauces, at a fraction of the price of a sandwich or similar snack. As such their hot counter has become something of … Continue reading

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The Paywall and ‘i’

The Independent, currently ailing in the same price group as the Times and the Guardian but languishing far below in terms of quality, will be marketing a new spin-off publication from next Tuesday, according to Lebedev. Aimed at “readers or lapsed readers … Continue reading

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Some footage of the SmashEDO demo

Should probably have uploaded these sooner. Subscribe to me on Youtube – slash goodmorningbrighton. There’s always one! Here’s the man who tried to break the barriers. He has a light head wound which I understand was dealt with by a … Continue reading

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Brighton Best

A delicious saviour waded into Brighton’s ale scene on Thursday in the form of Brighton Best, a new beer brewed by WJ King. Critically acclaimed and enthusiastically quaffed at its launch party last night, it is now available in about … Continue reading

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