Brighton Chilli Festival today; Argus House tomorrow morning

Today’s chilli festival was impressive on a whole new scale. The Scoville Scale was developed to measure the strength of spicy stuff, with 0 being your average bell pepper, 5,000,000 being pepper spray, and 15,000,000 being pure capsaicin – look on Wikipedia for interesting medical/equestrian uses. The most I endured this afternoon was a tincture, probably, registering about 1,500,000 on the scale, which was frankly too hot for me and necessitated a very rapid trip to the emergency milkshake stall. It was here that I discovered chai, an infusion of tea and spices into milk. The stall was called Pause, and their website is here if you fancy buying some of their deliciousness.

Unusually for what is often considered a masochistic hobby, nearly all of the chilli sauces were sold on the basis of taste rather than their strength. There were some very interesting mellow ones, including a slightly spicy cucumber condiment, and some sort of barbecue flavours. Fiery Foods UK is where you want to be if you like spicy stuff, look for them at Unit 30 on the Marina Square, or buy stuff on the internet.

After washing my hands and ambling home, I discovered that my fridge had changed its mind about a lot of things and had frozen all my stuff. After turning it down to its lowest setting (the hapless thermometer I put in there to keep it in check reckons the temperature is around three degrees now) I sat down to enjoy my slightly too chewey salad. Yesterday I had a lovely late lunch at the Giggling Squid in Brighton, somewhere in the Old Lanes. I could probably find it again if I needed to. Their style is Thai tapas and their prices are extremely reasonable. Each dish is between £2 and £3, if you order three you’re happy, if you order five you’re very full. And with items like “you want to eat me squid” on the menu, how could one resist?

Tomorrow I have to be a serious journalist and eager student. I’m unsure how well my brain will cope with this, as it has been quite a while since I left the education system, and even longer since I’ve actually concentrated on learning anything. Still, tomorrow morning I must leave for Argus House, ready to learn, to succeed, and to thrive within the pressure of a newsroom. I am probably woefully under-equipped for the role, as I am still perpetually bewildered by Brighton and although I’m fluent in conversational shorthand, I can’t write it very well at all. Not only this but I am recovering from a cold and my belly is just starting to make known its opinions of the Chilli Festival.

In other news, I’m considering keeping chickens in my garden, and would quite like some laying hens – please leave a comment if you know where to find these creatures in the Brighton area.

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