My New Favourite Cave

La Cave á Fromage, just over the border into Hove, is my new local. I have relinquished the idea of going to a pub for a pint after work – instead, I will spend my weekends, lunchbreaks and days off browsing the many shelves in La Cave. Not only do they sell cheeses – mostly French, some English, a couple of very local delights and a few “random” ones – but they also provide freshly made bread, plenty of cured meats, and (what look like) interesting wines from low-output vineyards.

The cheeses are very reasonably priced. For £22, two people can enjoy a cheeseboard (or a half-and-half selection of cheese and meat) and a glass of wine. The cheeses will be selected according to how “ripe” they are. I spoke to Chloe, who was very knowledgeable and kindly let me try half a dozen cheeses.

Also today I managed to get my electricity to work (by pure chance) and secured parking permits for the next couple of days. Both of these developments pale into insignificance when compared with the discovery of La Cave á Fromage.

I’d like to apologise to anybody who noticed the incorrect accent above the “á” in La Cave á Fromage. My elderly laptop is doing extremely well at the moment, but I do not want to risk upsetting its delicate rhythm by opening the character map. Thankyou for your understanding.

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