Pah, full of food I don’t want to have inside me.

I feel I have properly moved in now – there’s a mattress, a table, and all my things are here. There was no room for furniture in the car, on account of the mattress occupying most of the available space. I gambled on being able to make alternative arrangements once I’d reached Brighton, and surprisingly I seem to have done quite well.

Shabitat, on the Lewes Road, is a small warehouse full of things people don’t want anymore. I bought a table (quite nice, 80cm x 120cm and made from what appear to be good quality materials) for just £5, and I’m told the clothes on offer represent equally good value. There’s some weird stuff there as well – a commode, equipped with aluminium chamber pot, nearly became mine, and there was a peculiar chair and bookshelf set made from old VHS tapes. Also present were a docile couple asleep on one of the many ageing sofas. Magpie Recycling run the whole escapade, alongside a number of eco-friendly, recycling and rehoming operations. Go there if you want cheap furniture.

Unfortunately the last 24 hours in Brighton haven’t presented me with any culinary delights. I have eaten at Gekko, opposite Travelodge, which was cheap and plentiful but generally not-very-nice-tasting. The staff were friendly and attentive, but the setup is a self-service buffet, so all they’re there to do is to sell you tepid beer at inflated prices. Today I ate at Pizza Hut, quite near Churchill Square. Its just bread with a meagre scraping of tomato flavoured goo on the top, sprinked meanly with flakes of salty meat. The salad bar was essentially okay, but then you can’t go wrong with a bowl of mayonnaise and croutons.

Tomorrow I will start discovering Brighton properly. I will move my car, I will walk around and I will have something actually nice for my lunch. And I will tell you how it goes.

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